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Gloria Dei is a member of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS).

Which means that we are one of nearly 1300 congregations across the United States and Canada that are united by a common faith in God's saving love.  Collectively, we are committed to a common calling - sharing God's gift of a Savior with our communities and the world. 


WHAT TO WEAR:  Some of our members wear suits or dresses, some wear jeans, some wear shorts and T-shirts, please wear whatever is comfortable. 

BRING YOUR KIDS!  We want your kids and expect them to make sounds (they're kids).  If you feel they are being disruptive - we have a "cry room" that you are welcome to use.

OUR SERVICE is a traditional service and begins at 9:00am.  Our worship is based off a traditional liturgical style which features Scripture readings, prayers, classic hymns with occasional contemporary songs, along with a relevant Bible message.  It will last about an hour.  Our ushers will greet you - please ask them any questions you may have.  Communion is served on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month - we practice the Biblical practice of Close Communion and ask that only members of WELS or ELS come to the altar to receive the Lord's body and blood.  If you have questions - please speak with our Pastor


Motivated by Christ's love, we gather to nourish our faith through God's Word and Sacraments as we worship, study, and fellowship with one another. Then we scatter to share our Savior and His Love with those we meet.


GLORIA DEI is Latin for "Glory to God."


We proudly offer:

  • Sunday Bible Study, Sunday School, & Teen Class

  • Various Midweek Bible Studies

  • Youth Group (6th-12th grades)

  • Boy and Girl Lutheran Pioneers (K-8th grades)

  • Other service and fellowship opportunites


Reverend Samuel Hacker


Pastor Hacker is Pastor at Grace Lutheran in Flint and serving our congregation while we are looking for another pastor to accept our call to serve our ministry full time.  Reverand Dennis Himm retired June 2023.

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Nathan Cort

Organist and Choir Director

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Laura and Allen Mortimer

Youth Group Directors

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Val Hoppe

Church Secretary

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We are located one mile east of the Trillium, just west of Saginaw Road, at 5005 McCandlish Road, Grand Blanc, MI 48439
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